Solar skylights

 Solar Skylights

 smart solar skylight

       Get inspired with our new generation of solar skylights that are now Lithium battery powered to light up your home throughout the day and night! You will be Amazed when you walk into your home at night and the lights automatically turn on. smart skylights won’t cost you money to run! Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways or any place around your home that could use some smart lighting

       Smart Skylights solar skylights provides a no cost Day and Night light supply of up to 8 hours per night, Energy efficient LEDs which Operates automatically turning on and off  and skylights that will work all year round with the power of the Sun!

It’s Time to get off the grid and to start saving money on those expensive power bills!

solar skylights
2 x 150mm LED smart lighting system
solar skylights
1 x 300mm solar lighting system

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  1. Quality and service.

When it comes to the battery powered solar skylights in Australia we are the professionals with a price and service that can’t be beaten! We offer free delivery with all skylights purchased to all major cities around Australia.

  1. Smart Skylights can assist you with your choice.

We supply and install beautiful LED lights that look smart and stylish in your home and also can also help you with your choice on what’s best for you. The new Smart skylight work’s up to 8 hours per night.

     3. How it Works.

With the latest in solar powered lighting technology there’s no need for switches. All our LEDs light panels come with radar induction switch that will turn on when you walk into the room, then off 5 minutes after you have walked out, so when you arrive home late at night you will feel safe walking into your home with the smart skylights turning on for you!

  1. Helping the environment.

By using the power of the Sun, You can now light your home with affordable battery storage products that will help save our environment.

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solar skylights

Smart Skylights

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