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 Its Time to Light up your home with a solar skylight!

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Solar Skylight Special !

The 300mm solar skylight with the 6.4 A/h Battery fully installed

for $550.00


When it comes to the battery powered solar skylights in Perth we are the professionals with a price and service that can’t be beaten! 

The new generation of solar skylight’s are now Lithium battery powered to light up your home throughout the day and night! You will be Amazed when you walk into your home at night and the lights automatically turn on and there not costing you money to run! Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways or any place around your home that could use some solar lighting. The

Solar Skylights work from the power of the sun and will operate day and night and will help light up your home! The benefits with the solar skylight is that if still works well on the cloudy days and shines way brighter then the old fashion skylights. Unlike traditional shafted skylights, they don’t require direct roof access and cutting into the roof structure to install an Solar Skylight so Its now easy to place the skylight in any internal space where additional lighting could be used.


The Eco Solar Skylight provides a no cost Day and Night light supply! 

Battery powered solar skylight

Lithium Battery Powered to Work Throughout the Night!


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1. Range of Lights.

The solar skylight comes in a range of sizes from 150 to 300mm in round or square designs and sits flush with the ceiling. They operate at a colour temperature of 5000k and are brighter then the old fashion skylights. 

2. How Long to Install.

 We can install the 1 or 2 solar skylight system within 1 hour!

3. How long will the Battery work for at night

The solar skylight will operate around 5 to 8 hours per night. The battery system works with 2 circuits, one shines the skylight during the day while the other charges the battery to work throughout the night.

4. Turning On and Off.

The solar skylight has a built-in sensor and will automatically turn On when somebody walks into the room. The solar skylight then Turns Off 5 minutes after you walk out.

5. Do we connect to Mains Power.

No! there’s no need to connect to mains power. All solar skylights have there own built in Battery and will operate at 12 volts.


When it comes to the battery powered solar skylights in Perth WA whirlybirds are the professionals with a price and service that can’t be beaten! WA whirlybirds can supply and install beautiful LED lights that look smart and stylish in your home and also can help you with your choice on what’s best for you. With the latest in solar powered lighting technology there’s no need for switches as all our LED light panels come with radar induction switch that will turn on when you walk into the room. By using the power of the Sun, You can now light your home with affordable battery storage products that will help save our environment.


When the battery powered solar skylight will work best, solar skylight

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Reasons to buy a solar skylight

Solar powered skylights Help Save $$$$!

Fully powered by the sun!

NO Roof Leaks like the old fashion Skylights.

Solar Powered Skylights Shines Bright on Cloudy Days. 

Helping the Environment!

No more looking for light switches in the dark!

Great security lighting!


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