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Industrial Ventilation Fans and Roofing Vents

industrial ventilation fan and roofing vents

 Edmonds Roofing Vents

edmonds industrial ventilation fan

WA whirlybirds Sells a full range of industrial ventilators and solar ventilation fans in Perth. We also supply many Northern parts of Australia with our cyclone proof solar ventilation fan.

WA whirlybirds wind driven industrial whirlybirds are designed and manufactured in Australia for harsh operating conditions and are suitable for industrial and commercial buildings.  WA whirlybirds sells a range of industrial whirlybirds in three different sizes from 500mm, 600mm, to a 900mm whirlybird. The wind driven industrial whirlybirds helps ventilate exhausts, fumes, heat and stale air from buildings and allows it to be replaced at low level with fresh air at ambient temperature. The result creates a much more pleasant and healthier working environment.

Hurricane was the original industrial ventilator to incorporate Edmond’s patented vertical vane technology.

WA whirlybirds industrial whirlybirds come with a heavy duty bearing system to improve ventilator performance and durability in high wind speeds and also our vertical vane Hurricane range of ventilator have been performance tested to Australian Standard AS4740:

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 Typhoon Roofing Vents

industrial ventilator
               Typhoon industrial ventilation fan


The typhoon range is a more traditional style of whirlybird that you would on seen on many homes throughout Australia. The Typhoon is a more affordable whirlybird but still delivers great results.


  Solar Ventilation Fans 

The 20v Eco solar vents works from the power of the sun and will remove more air then a 600mm industrial vent. The benefit with the solar ventilation fans is on the hottest days in summer, when there’s no wind the solar powered roofing vents will work at full speed and the Eco solar roofing vent is made from steel and comes with a 5 year warranty on the solar panel and a brushless motor that will outperform all types of wind vents!

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