WA whirlybirds will help cool your home!

Protect your home •   reduce summer temperatures inside your home
•   reduce the cost of running your air-conditioners
•   maintains the performance of your ceiling insulation
•   helps prevent excess moisture damaging roof timbers
•   reduces moisture damage to your plasterboard
•   reduces the corrosion to metal coverings and lighting appliances



The Edmonds whirlybird Roofing Vent Comes with a 15 year warranty 

WA whirlybirds is Perth’s Leading Supplier and installer of Roofing vents, Solar Vents, Smart Skylights and Industrial ventilation fans and we are here to Help!

          When it comes to Whirlybirds and solar vents in Perth we are the professionals with over 20 years’ experience in the roofing industry and a price and service that can’t be beaten! We can design your roof to provide ventilation to suit all your cooling needs for this coming summer and with the experience and knowledge, we are here to help you make the right one. WA whirlybirds are backed by an extensive warranties. WA whirlybirds has a great range of products and roofing vents from 300mm to 900mm roofing vents.

Solar ventilation fans 

solar ventilation roofing vent

The Eco Solar Roofing Vent Comes with a 5 year warranty    

   So if you are thinking about installing roofing vents and whirlybirds in Perth then call the professionals WA Whirlybirds

Glenn  412412101        


Parts & accessories ECO- vent solar 15V
Solar panel Built in – 36 cell polycrystalline
Size 560mm x 560 x 265mm
Throat size 350 mm stainless steel fan
Motor Brushless DC (50000+ hour life span)
Air flow 2805 CMH (1650 CFM)
Shroud Pressed stainless steel painted black
Flashing Pressed stainless steel painted black
Optional thermostat Turns on 26 C & off 25 C

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