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 The Eco Solar Vent

is thermostat controlled

to turn off in winter!

Solar Ventilation fans


The smart way to keep cool in these hot temperatures in Perth is to install our solar ventilation fans.

The whisper quiet 20v Eco solar vent will help cool your home in Perth using the power of the sun!

The solar ventilation fan is a powered roof ventilation system will remove all the trapped heat between the ceiling and the roof. The temperatures can reach up to 65 degrees during the summer months which creates a heat build-up causing a heat load on your ceiling insulation and air-conditioning duct work.

The Eco solar vent is made from steel (not plastic like the other brands) Comes with a 5 year warranty on the solar panel and brushless motor and will outperform all types of wind vents! The Eco solar vent is perfect for Perth weather conditions so not only does it remove the heat in summer, it comes with a thermostat so it turns off in winter! The Eco solar ventilation fan is 560mm wide and has a patented swirl turbine air draft ventilation design, for a higher efficiency.

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Parts & accessories ECO- vent solar 20v
Solar panel Built in – 36 cell polycrystalline
Size 560mm x 560 x 265mm
Throat size 350 mm stainless steel fan
Motor Brushless DC (50000+ hour life span)
Air flow 2805 CMH (1650 CFM)
Shroud & Flashing Pressed steel painted black
Wind speeds Cyclone proof 170 km/h
Optional thermostat Turns on 26 C & off 25 C

Solar powered vents will help remove Excess heat and lower your Energy bills

Over the past 5 years  WA whirlybirds have installed over One thousands solar powered roof vents into homes around Perth and Western Australia. We Also supplied many solar vents to Mines sites in the Northern parts of Australia because of there cyclone rating. WA whirlybirds are here to help and we won’t be beaten on price, service or quality.
WA whirlybirds is a Supplier and installer in Perth of Roof vents, Solar Powered Vents, Solar powered fans, Eco solar vents, Edmonds roofing vents, Smart Skylights, Industrial whirlybirds, Skyaxis whirlybirds, Hurricane whirlybirds and Typhoon Whirlybirds
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solar roof vent system
    • Reduce summer temperatures inside your home
    • Reduce the cost of running your air-conditioners
    • Maintains the performance of your ceiling insulation
    • Helps prevent excess moisture damaging roof timbers
    • Reduces moisture damage to your plasterboard
  • Reduces the corrosion to metal coverings and lighting appliances

Eco solar vents comes with a 5 year warranty!

Better Parts

  • The Eco solar ventilation fan comes with a Impact resistant, commercial-grade glass solar panel.
  • Corrosion-resistant alloy construction designed to withstand 170MPH windstorm conditions.
  • Stainless steel fan and brushless motors.
  • Dynamically balanced 14″ stainless steel fan blade; will not lose performance in heat like plastic fan blades.
  • Heavy-duty powder coated finish available in black designed like the first ford motor car.

Better Performance

  • Engineered to give maximum airflow production; Patented Swirl design for better airflow.
  • All metal construction for long lasting durability; will not become brittle and crack after years of sun exposure like products made from plastic.
  • Fan blade designed for whisper quiet operation.
  • thermostat controlled set at 26 degrees for Australian conditions.

solar ventilation fans are 10 times more efficient then whirlybirds

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