fiberglass roof sheeting

WA Whirlybirds sells a wide range of industrial fibreglass sheeting to suit your building needs.


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Industrial & Commercial Fibreglass sheeting

 It provides cost effective lighting with excellent spanning and light transmission. Available in all metal roofing profiles, WA Whirlybirds has a sheet to suit your building.


Web Glass WA sheeting 

Web glass is a reinforced that comes with a heavy gauge woven glass mat to provide strength and protection against falls. No safety wire mesh is required with this product. Entire buildings can be cladded in Web glass. Great for areas of high corrosion and extra safety.


Cool-lite WA 

Cool-lite WA roof sheeting will help keep the building cool. Provides a comfortable environment and will also help reduce air-conditioning cost.


Fire Spread WA

Fire Check is a fire resisting roof cladding. It will resist burning for 30 min. This cladding will stop flame spread and smoke development.

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