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Solar Powered Fan

The Eco solar vents

are thermostat controlled 

to turn off in winter! 


The smart way to keep cool in these hot temperatures is to install our Eco Solar Vent. The whisper quiet 22 v Eco solar fan will help cool your home all year round using the power of the sun!

Eco solar vents solar fan’s are solar powered roofing vents that work from the power of the sun. The whisper quiet 22 v solar roof fan ventilation system will remove all the trapped heat between the ceiling and the roof. The temperatures can reach up to 65 degrees during the summer months which creates a heat build-up causing a heat load on your ceiling insulation and air-conditioning duct work.

The Eco solar vent is made from steel and not plastic like the other brands. All our solar fan’s come with a 5 year warranty on the solar panel and brush-less motor and will outperform all types of wind vents! The Eco solar vent also comes with a thermostat so it turns off in winter!


Compare The Solar Powered Fans

The Eco solar vent is 560 mm x 560 mm x 265 mm high, Weights 13.2 kg and has a slimline stylish look!


Products MADE FROM   AIR  FLOW        (CMH)         MOTOR     FAN SIZE        FULL      WARRANTY   Cyclone Rated

ECO Solar Vent

22 v solar fan

    2805    NO Noise     350 mm      5 years      YES
Stars solar
 25 w
   UV Polymer     2200 You will hear this make noise     320 mm     3 years      NO
Solar Wiss 20v solar fan      Aluminium      1422 You will hear this make noise     320 mm     3 years       NO
Solar Kings solar fan    Steel/ Aluminium      2200  You will hear this make noise     280 mm     2 years       NO


The Eco solar Fan is the best value solar roofing vent in Australia.


Parts & accessories ECO- vent solar 22 V
Solar panel Built in – 36 cell polycrystalline
Size 560 mm x 560 x 265 mm
Throat size 350 mm fan
Motor Brush-less DC (50000+ hour life span)
Air flow 2805 CMH (1650 CFM)
Shroud Pressed steel painted black
Warranty 5 years warranty
Optional thermostat Turns on 26 C & off 25 C

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