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WA Whirlybirds Come With a 15 Year Warranty!                             

Over the past 10 years WA Whirlybirds has installed thousands of roof vents and whirlybirds into homes around Perth. The Whirlybirds roof ventilation system will remove the heat on the hot summer days from inside your roof and help save you money on the cost of air conditioning. WA whirlybirds is the Number One supplier and installer of the Edmond’s Wind-master Whirlybird Roof Vent. The Edmond’s Wind-Master is a wind driven ventilator designed to exhaust heat & moisture from the roof space of your home, without the use or electrical energy. Constructed from light-weight aluminium, its the only whirlybird to come with a 15 year warranty.


WA Whirlybirds are the professionals in Industrial Roofing Vents!

We believe fresh quality air is a great way to improve the work environment!

WA Whirlybirds also has a great range of products including Straight Vane and Typhoon industrial whirlybirds and Eco solar vents. 

When it comes to roof vents in Perth, we offer warranties on all whirlybirds and solar ventilation fans.

 Industrial Roofing Vents

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WA whirlybirds Supplies and installs a full range of industrial ventilators and solar ventilation fans in Perth and Western Australia. We also supply only many Northern parts of Australia with our cyclone proof solar ventilation fans.

WA whirlybirds are designed for Australia’s harsh conditions and are suitable for all industrial and commercial buildings. We also hold stock in three sizes, 500 mm, 600 mm and 900 mm.

WA Whirlybirds will help remove the heat and create a much more pleasant and healthier working environment.

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 Typhoon Roofing Vents

The Typhoon is also a wind driven ventilator designed to exhaust heat and moisture from the roof space. Its constructed from light-weight aluminium and comes with a 10 year warranty. 

The Typhoon has a dual permanently lubricated bearing system to reduce friction and provides a free spinning action with a quiet operation. The Sky Axis industrial whirlybird has a 22 degree adjustable base also a double arc blade.

Eco Solar Vents

solar powered ventilation fans

 Industrial Solar Ventilation Fans 

The 22 v Eco solar vents works from the power of the sun and will remove around the same amount of air as a 600 mm industrial whirlybird. The benefit with the solar ventilation fans is on the hottest days in summer, when there’s no wind the Eco solar vents will remove more air! 

Eco X solar vent

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Eco Solar New Cyclone Area Solar Vent

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We also supply many Northern parts of Australia with our cyclone proof Eco solar vents.

Advantages for the Solar Fans 

Solar vents take out more air then the industrial whirlybirds. (Eco solar vent)

On the hottest days when there’s no wind! Full sun! The solar ventilation works 100%

On flat roofs with no heat convection (heat rising) the solar vent will suck the heat out.

The Solar Fan is better value for money. Cost more but removes more heat.

With the thermostat it uses the brush-less motor less, will last twice as long (15 years)

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WA Whirlybirds are the experts in Industrial Ventilation in Perth!

Fully Insured

Full Warranty

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We also sell Battery powered solar vents, exhaust fans and design roof ventilation systems

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