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We are Qualified Plumbers with over 20 years experience in roofing.


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WA Whirlybirds Come With a 15 Year Warranty!

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Over the past 10 years WA Whirlybirds has installed thousands of roof vents into homes around Perth. The Whirlybirds will help to remove the heat on the hot summer days from inside your roof and also help save you money on the cost of air conditioning.

WA whirlybirds is the Number One supplier and installer in Perth.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Use WA Whirlybirds.

  1. We have over 25 years of experience in Roof Ventilation.

When it comes to roof ventilation and roofing vents in Perth we only sell the best products with the longest warranties. and WA Whirlybirds are the professionals with over 25 years’ experience in the roofing industry with a price and service that can’t be beaten! We know the best products with the longest Warranties!

  1. WA Whirlybirds can assist you with your choice of Roof Vents.

Also WA Whirlybirds also has a great range of products including Wind-master whirlybird roofing vents, Eco solar vents, Hurricane and Typhoon industrial whirlybirds. 

  1. Using the highest quality roof ventilators.

What’s more is we offer warranties on all whirlybirds and solar ventilation fans. The CSR whirlybirds come with a 15 year warranty and the Eco solar ventilation fans come with a Full 5 year warranty.

  1. We use Qualified Roofing plumbers.

Next, WA Whirlybirds is a Perth based roofing company and we only employ qualified roofing plumbers. We supply JSA for working at heights safety and a No Leak Guarantee!

  1. Australia wide delivery.

We sell supply only all around Australia, with 5 to 10 day delivery.

Removal of excess heat from under the roof
 Creates airflow within enclosed buildings
 Improvement of air quality
 Free to Run
Removal of odours
 Saves power on air-conditioning cost 

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First the wind-master roof vent is made by Edmond’s, CSR is an economical natural roof ventilator. They are made here in Australia from high quality aluminium and have been tested to winds of up to 175 km per hour (class 1) which is designed to Australian codes and standards.

We also sell a DCT whirlybird that can be installed in Cyclone Areas in Australia.

WA Whirlybirds are the experts in roof ventilation! We can quote your job over the phone today! or Simply fill out the contact form and we can give you a call to help cool your home today.

Industrial Whirlybirds

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600 mm Straight


600 MM
785 MM
658 MM
12.5 KG
1000 X 1000 MM
600 mm Round

typhoon whirlybird

600 MM
740 MM
620 MM
6.5 KG
800 X 800 MM
Eco solar vent
Eco solar ventilation
560 MM
560 MM
240 MM
12 KG
650 X 650 MM


Industrial Roofing Vents

WA Whirlybirds are here to help! We can help remove the Heat!

20 Years’ Experience

Fully Insured

No Leaks

Personalized service

Great Range & Design

Free Quotes

All Areas Service

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