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Solar Powered Skylights


  Get inspired with  WA whirlybirds new generation of skylights that are now Lithium battery powered to light up your home throughout the day and night! You will be Amazed when you walk into your home at night and the lights automatically turn on and there not costing you money to run! Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, outdoor areas or any place around your home that could use some free lighting!

   Solar Skylights provides a no cost Day and Night light supply up to 8 hours per night and lights that work all year round off the power of the sun. Smart skylights come with a solar panel that run’s the skylights during the day and also charges the lithium battery at the same time. This way the battery will be fully charged to run throughout the night!

   Solar powered skylights come with a built in sensor that turn’s your lights on as you walk into the room, then off again 10 minutes later. Smart skylights also have a remote control system that can to turn the lights on and off. You can also connect the smart skylights to switch on the wall!

   The best thing about our lighting system it’s now affordable to light up your home. We sell one, two and four light systems so you can slowly add lights throughout the home. It’s Time to get off the grid and save money on those expensive power bills! Call now for a free over the phone quote!

Reasons to buy a Solar Skylight

Save $$$$! and get off the grid!

No more looking for light switches in the dark!

Great security lighting!

Fully powered by the sun!

5 years warranty on solar panels and lights.

Replacement Lithium batteries from $200. 

Helping the Environment!

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  1. Quality and service.

The new Solar skylight works up to 8 hours per night, so when it comes to the battery powered solar skylights in Australia we are the professionals with a price and service that can’t be beaten! We install skylights in all major cities in Australia and also offer free delivery with all lights purchased.

  1. Smart Skylights can assist you with your choice.

We supply and install beautiful LED Slim line skylights that look smart and stylish in your home and we can also help you with your choice. When you arrive home late at night you can feel safe walking into your home with the smart sensor turning the lights on for you!

  1. What you Get.

Smart solar skylights provides a polycrystalline glass solar panel with a built in lithium battery  (2000 plus charges replacement battery) installed onto your roof, We also supply 10 metres of cable and your choice of Led lights installed into your building.

  1.  How it Works.

With the latest smart solar powered lighting technology there’s no need for switches. All our LED light panels come with radar induction switch that will turn on when you walk into the room and turn off 10 minutes after you have walked out.  The Smart skylight can also have a switch connected to the lights or a remote control. 

  1.  How to install.

The smart skylights are low voltage so the home handyman can install, but we recommend you use a qualified electrician. Most electricians can install our 1 and 2 light systems within 1 to 2 hours and our 4 light system under 3 hours.

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