Eco solar ventilation fan

Cool Your Home Naturally With Eco Solar Ventilation fan!

Summer special 

one eco solar vent fully installed for $850.00 including gst.


More Powerful

With more power, we recommend one eco for around 250 square metres of roofing. 

Thermostat Controlled

Solar vents are thermostat controlled to turn off in winter. Set at 26 degree

5 Year Warranty

The Eco solar vent comes with a 5 year full warranty. 

240 volts power back-up

 We also have a  240 volts power backup option if you would like it to work day and night

No Noise Motor’s

The eco solar vent now has the No Noise motor so you wont hear any annoying sound in the roof.

eco solar vents solar ventilation Australia. We Are currently installing this week in Iluka, Wembley, Woodlands, Bateman, Welshpool, Mt Pleasant, Ellenbrook, Carine, Forrestfield, 


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