whirlybirds v solar vents

Whirlybirds v Solar vents

whirlybirds     V     solar vents

Do whirlybirds work? Lucky for people who live in Perth, one of the windiest cities in the world they will work there best on a windy day! I’ve been installing roof vents for over 10 years and of course they remove the Heat. On a 35 degrees day when I walk onto a roof and cut a hole, well the amount of heat to come out is like a hair dryer working on full speed, so they will work but the question is now, what works better! The whirlybird? Or the solar vent?


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Advantages for the Whirlybirds

  1. The Whirlybird will work 24 hours a Day and the solar vent will only work 10 hours per day.
  2. The Edmonds Whirlybird comes with a 15 year warranty and solar vents only has a 5 year warranty.
  3. A Whirlybird will only cost you one quarter of the price as a solar vent.
  4. Whirlybirds don’t make any noise! Unless there 20 years old and need to be replaced.
  5. Whirlybirds come in a range of colours, solar vent only comes in Black.
  6. Will save you money on air conditioning cost.

Disadvantages with the whirlybirds

  1. Whirlybirds need wind to work better to remove more heat.
  2. 300 s/m roof you need 3 whirlybirds but only 1 solar vent (less holes)

Solar Vents

Advantages for Solar Vents

  1.  The Eco Solar Vent will take out 10 times more air then the whirlybird. (Eco solar vent)
  2. On the hottest days when there’s no wind! Full sun! The solar vent works 100%
  3. On flat roofs with no heat convection (heat rising) the solar vent will suck the heat out.
  4. Solar vents have a built in thermostat, so they turn off in winter. (keeps the Heat in)
  5. Solar ventilation is better value for money. Cost more but removes more heat.
  6. With the thermostat it uses the brush-less motor less, will last twice as long (15 years)
  7. Solar vents will save you money on air conditioning cost.
  8. Cyclone Proof

Disadvantages with the solar vent

  1. The solar vent will make a little bit of noise. If your listen you could hear it?
  2. Solar vents only have a 5 year warranty.
  3. Solar vent cost 3 to 4 times the price.
  4. Only comes in Black. (like the first ford motor car)

Over the past 10 years WA Whirlybirds has installed thousands of roofing vents from whirlybirds to solar powered Eco vents into homes around Perth

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